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The story continues in 2023

Founded in 2007, has 15 years of experience in delivering high quality wind forecasts. While offline in 2022 due to technical reasons, we have taken steps to continue our journey in 2023.

New: Forecasts for wherever you are

For 2023, we introduce location-based forecasts. In addition to pre-defined spot selections you can always tap the map or hit the gps icon in the upper right corner of the map for a location-based forecast rendered just for you.

Mobile First

The 2023 version of is developed with a mobile-first approach. Thus, we recommend to use your smartphone to interact with our website in the first place.

Be eco-friendly, do no harm

We strongly believe in the principles of data privacy and the impact of renewable energies. Therefore we design and run our services:

Get in touch with us

Your feedback is always highly appreciated. Please send your feedback regarding website issues, forecast problems, questions or general suggestions to

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