[04.01.2015] Maximum wind gusts for all regional weather models
We now provide the maximum wind speed gusts for all 9 regional weather models. All regional weather models have been succesfully migrated to a newer version.

[04.01.2014] Regional weather models for Cape Verde and Andalusia
Thanks to our sponsor,, we could establish another two regional weather models. They share the same high resolution of 5km grid size, which is required for quality forecasts. Especially the effects at the Strait of Gibraltar could be reproduced in silico. The Levant (easterly wind) is beeing accelerated by the gap forming the Strait.

[11.12.2012] Maximum wind gusts for regional weather models
We now provide the maximum wind speed gusts for the regional weather models English Channel and Germany. Those values are being displayed in addition to the base wind speed. This feature had been requested by our users for quite some time and will help the more experienced user to anticipate the variation of the wind speed.
We strongly encourage our users to interpret those values with special care: The maximum wind gusts are to be understood as an absolute peak and will be reached - if at all - only during some minutes.

[02.12.2012] Regional weather model for England
After some desperate requests for an accurate, regional weather model for England reached us we proudly announce the start of a new weather model today: We now provide high quality wind forecasts for about 100 major wind- and kitesurf locations in England. We wish all a mild winter saison and mucho viento!

[05.04.2010] New regional weather model for Greece and Turkey
The Aegean See is blessed with many world-class surfspots. With a new regional weather model for Greece and Turkey we provide first-class wind forecasts for this region.

[01.03.2010] English translation of
With an increasing amount of international visitors on, we decided to provide an english version as well. Welcome and may the winds be with you.